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Follow this guide to know and understand getting How To Get Your Planning Permission Through and Approved.

Find a Local Architect
As local knowledge is key, so finding an architect or planning consultant who has a good knowledge of the area and a successful track record with local planning permission officers.

Be Considerate
Think neighbours first, make sure you plans dont block your neighbours light or view, a little thought at your first stage will meaan those close by are less likely to raise objections.

Gather as much information as you can you can never have too much, look at local development planes in your planning office or library and check the planning register to find out why some applications have been refused on some plots, this will also give you am idea on how the local area is developing and how will it be allowed to develop in the future.

Planning Officer
Establish good relationship with your planning officer to get an idea how your proposal will be accepted, give him or her the impression that your plans can be altered and that you will also be willing to compromise.

Go Thorough
Read all the planning forms carefully and make sure you include everything you asked for, such as plans, drawings and fees.

Get Support
Ask neighbours who are supportive of your plans to submit a letter to the planning committee saying so, this will get the planning committee to look favorably on it. You could also ask your local MP and councillors to back your plans if you want to go that extra mile.

Understand The System
The planning officer will draw up a report in front of the planning committee, which is made up of elected councillors, the meetings are open to the public but you usually wont be allowed to speak, this is when committee members can be persuaded to speak in your favour.
Remember that the committee don’t have to go with the planning officers recommendation, so try to get them on your side by writing to them and inviting them to your site.

Never Give Up
If your planning application is refused, don’t take it personally – although we know how angry a person might get as we have gone through this many of times but you will get a lot further if you remain calm and logical because there is always room for an appeal. If your not happy with the refusal then talk directly to your planning department and you should be allowed to submit another planning application with modified plans free of charge.

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