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“We wholeheartedly recommend this company for their truly dedicated and transparent service which has benefited us greatly and returned our investment for every property we used them for. Many thanks over & over.” – Judith Wilson

The Service Offered

Refurbishment Company LondonMayfair Property Services is a property refurbishment management company that is based in the heart of London, offering a vast professional, high quality property refurbishments for London’s properties from houses, studios, flats, apartments, to private homeowners, landlords, estate agents and property management companies in and around London.

A home improvement contractors that have expanded vastly due to recommendations and client satisfaction. The experienced and value based project management service offered from this trusted London refurbishment company offering building and property services, range from the smallest property projects to refurbishment and renovation of multi-million homes, properties and buildings. Refurbishment specialist and expert project managers will overlook all aspects of your residential refurbishment project from start to finish, and the most important part; the after project requirements and needs you may have, assuring your satisfaction guaranteed from start to finish.

 ‘a truly renowned and exclusive London property refurbishment company’.

The Service Delivered

  • Dealing with both companies and individuals, we aim to introduce trustworthy, reliable and a responsible workforce to our clients with exceptionally high standards.
  • Assure prompt attention to detail quality workmanship and aspire for complete customer satisfaction. We provide an excellent level of expertise, experience and commitment to quality and reliability.
  • Our independence enables us to take a flexible approach and tailor our service to exacting and new client requirements.
  • Our deep knowledge and many years of experience in this specialised sector enable us to provide the level of service expected.
  • Free consultation with no obligation.
  • We are dedicated to ensure that clients receive a quality of service that continues to build our reputation.
  • As for our company this is more than a job, this is a labour of love and dedication to our long term clients.


London’s Most Executive Renovation Builders

Get in-touch with your prestigious building firms in London to secure your appointment, get a free quote or speak to one of our property consultants or renovation project managers.

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Mayfair Property Refurbishment

FREE Quote
An immediate FREE quote whether your planning on refurbishing your property or want a second quote and expert advice or opinion.

Mayfair Property Refurbishment

Competitive Prices
Achieving the best available competitive price for all the materials and work, without compromising on quality or standers.

Mayfair Property Refurbishment

Stick to Budget
With the capability of refurbishing your property within budget, in the best and most profitable way to you. 

Mayfair Property Refurbishment

Meet Deadlines
The most important aspect of any project is to meet its deadline, and at Mayfair Property Services we take this as our pride.

Mayfair Property Refurbishment

Small Refurbishment Projects
Small property refurbishment projects are no big issue at Mayfair Property Services as we still retain the services and the attention of a small business.

Mayfair Property Refurbishment

Major Renovation Projects
A total property refurbishment or a major renovation project, we strive on providing the work needed for your property turnover of any size.

Mayfair Property Refurbishment

Every project whether big or small, is treated with professionalism and integrity. An educated ethical team like not other.

Mayfair Property Refurbishment

Word of mouth as built this refurbishment company, so we grew on recommendations from clients we still serve today.

A Recommended London Refurbishment Company

Search and find local general building renovation contractors in London no more!

Mayfair Property Services takes pride in being the number one builders central London that have offered property development to a vast selection of clients. As a house renovation company in London, Mayfair Property Services makes it easy and hassle-free to choose the right building company London out of all the home renovation companies in London.

A prime executive building contractor London, being known as the most renowned London property developers for your residential refurbishment and house renovation projects. Being the top renovation project management company in London, you know that you’r investment is with a partner you can trust and count on.

Mayfair Property Services Ltd. is a premier custom residential renovation contractor London, serving the great city and all its boroughs. Specializing in residential refurbishment, bathroom remodeling, kitchen fitting and renovation management, restoration building, loft conversions, basement refurbishment, building and property services, listed building refurbishment, renovation services, refurbishment services, renovation builders. Mayfair Property Services Building Contractors London offers clients exceptional quality, craftsmanship and customer service for life.

Building Renovation Contractors London

As a local general residential home building renovation contractors that are able with their knowledge, expertise and experience take your property remodeling project from an idea and image to a tangible, unique, finished work.

Your renovation project will be managed by recommended executive project managers, who will ensure everything is in place before even the work is started as well as arrange for plans, permits and necessary inspections. As the most recommended local home improvement contractors Mayfair Property Services has the skills to handle all tasks onsite what ever the property site size. Our building contractors will be responsible for hiring subcontractors for the majority of the jobs, such as electrical work, carpentry, painting or plumbing. In addition to inspecting the progress and resolving any unforeseen issues.

Mayfair Property Services

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